A padel court is slightly smaller than the boundary area of a singles tennis court. Two official size padel courts can easily be constructed within the area of a full size tennis court. Courts can be built either outdoors or indoors with the same considerations as a tennis court.

The dimensions of the padel court are provided below. The walls of a padel court are typically constructed using glass, however cinder blocks or plywood will also work. Chain link fence is also required primarily for the side walls. Padel courts are surfaced with the same material as a tennis court and require a tennis net.

The cost to construct a padel court varies based on the materials used. Clubs replacing an existing tennis court will find that the cost of installing two padel courts is lower than those to build a new tennis court. One of the primary reasons that padel has grown so quickly throughout South America and Europe is the low capital cost to build courts - clubs in Canada should budget between $30K to $60K per court depending on style and structure materials.

Padel Canada can assist clubs, community associations and municipalities interested in adding padel courts. In certain circumstances, Padel Canada can also provide onsite assistance with the purchase and installation of the courts.



International Tournament

Click here to view the Canadian National Teams playing in 2012 at the Worlds Padel Tournament in Mexico.



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